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$5 Kick The Keg Party!

Sick of beer yet? We're not! Help us knock these kegs the fk out! We're doing $5 full size pours all day - that means $5 pints of normal beers like hazy IPAs and $5 for 10oz pours for the fancy stuff like sours and barrel aged beasts. We'll be doing Black Magic Sunday Brunch from 11am to 3pm and the regular dinner menu from 6pm to 10pm. We've lined up over 80 kegs of sours, hazy IPAs, and BA stouts for SF Beer Week and there will be *plenty* left for this Sunday event!

~~ LIQUOR! We're comfortable saying that ODM is one of the best, if not the very best, beer bar in SF that also has the hard stuff. If you happen to be sick of beer, or your friend/significant other/mom isn't into beer, bring them in for a Bloody Mary, Mai Tai, Old Fashioned, Negroni, shot of Fernet Francisco, or whatever cocktail tickles their spirit! 

~~ ODM is open from 11AM to Midnight on Sundays. Our Black Magic Brunch menu will be in effect from 11AM to 3PM, with our regular menu going from 6PM to 10PM. 

~~ All full sized pours of beer *on all 20 taps,* tons of goodies left over from our SFBW events, will be just $5!

~~ No 4oz pours today, it's all about knocking these kegs the f out! 

~~ ODM has a full calendar of 9 awesome SF Beer Week events, including our Sour Sh!tstorm, Sour Sunday Brunch, Fat Tuesday, Whales of the Deep, and HazeFest II! See the deets for all of them here: 

Whether or not you're sick of beer yet by the time this final Sunday of SFBW rolls around, we've got you very much covered! See ya soon!

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to Feb 18

HazeFest II

Bring on the Hazy Pales and IPAs...and why not a hazy hoppy sour or two! At ODM we love the hazy hop trend and typically have a couple of those pale, fruity, dank, cloudy, low-bitterness IPAs on draft. For HazeFest we're going all in, tapping a slew of ultra-fresh hoppy beers for you to enjoy and compare. 

The initial tap list is sick!

1) Sante Adairius - Exclamation Mark: Enigma! DIPA - 8% ABV - super hazy DIPA with Citra, Centennial, & a big dose of Enigma

2) The Booth - EurekaSeoul IPA - 6.5% ABV - New England style IPA made with loads of Citra hops

3) Barebottle - Doom Bloom 2018 Triple IPA - 10.4% ABV - super hazy and juicy TIPA, special once a year release

4) Phantom Carriage - Super Dry Hopped Broadacres - 4.2% ABV - PC's house berliner weisse dry hopped with a ton of Simcoe

5) Freewheel - Old Devil Hands Gold - 4.1% - custom made *cask* of English pale ale with dry hopping and buddha's hand citrus 

6) Sixpoint - Hootie Hoo Hazy Pale Ale - 5.4% ABV - hazy pale ale hopped with Amarillo, Citra, & Centennial

7) Epic Brewing - New England Style IPA - 7% ABV - hazy single hop IPA

8) Henhouse - Big Chicken 2018 Imperial IPA - 10% ABV - once a year special SFBW release!

9) Drake's - Hopocalypse Black Label Triple IPA - 12.5% ABV - massive once a year release TIPA w/ Warrior, Jarrylo, Polaris, Cascade, El Dorado, Idaho #7, Pekko, Simcoe, & Amarillo

10) Laughing Monk - Bayview Hazy Pomegranate IPA - 7% ABV - fruited hazy IPA

11) Temescal - Wonder Why IPA - 6.5% ABV - hazy IPA w/ Simcoe, Citra, & Loral hops

12) Grimm - Galaxy Pop! - 4.8% ABV - Dry hopped Berliner Weisse w/ galaxy hops, vanilla, & milk sugar

13) Monkey Paw - Pineapple X-Press Piña Colada IPA - 6.2% - super fruity hazy IPA with pineapple

14) FDR - Juicy Beast IPA - 7.3% ABV - hazy IPA w/ Citra, Mosaic, & El Dorado hops, fermented w/ Vermont yeast

15) Dogfish Head - 120 Minute IPA - 18% ABV - it may not be hazy, but it's a classic BEAST level IPA

16) Freewheel - English IPA - 5.2% - on cask, a special one-off dry hopped English IPA

Good stuff to know:

~~ ODM is open for HazeFest II at 11AM and we aren't shutting it down until 2AM

~~ ODM's Black Magic Beerunch menu will be happening from 11AM to 3PM, with our regular menu in effect from 6PM to midnight. We're thinking we'll grill Coney Dogs on the patio during the 3 hour gap from 3-6PM

~~ We aim to tap several beastly dark barrel aged options remaining on draft from our "Whales of the Deep" event the night prior, plus we'll be sure to have several hazy dry hopped sours!

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to Feb 17

Whales of the Deep

We're definitely going to need your help finishing these ten Whales of the Deep! It's ten over 10%, dive, dive, dive!

***The tap list is subject to change as we search far and wide for our white whales, but so far we've lined up***

1) Dogfish Head - Oak-Aged Vanilla World Wide Stout - 16% ABV - dark, boozy, oaky, vanilla-y, roasty, mega imperial stout

2) The Bruery - So Happens It's Tuesday - 14.7% ABV - bourbon barrel aged imperial stout

3) Gulden Draak - Calvados Barrel Aged - 10.4% ABV - a rare Belgian Dark Strong beast produced only once!

4) Dogfish Head - 120 Minute IPA - 18% ABV - mega imperial IPA dry hopped daily every day for a month and then aged another month on whole-leaf hops

5) Firestone Walker - Helldorado - 12.8% ABV - bourbon barrel aged blonde barleywine

6) New Holland Brewing - Dragon's Milk Reserve Mocha Mint - 11% - bourbon barrel aged stout with peppermint, chocolate, and coffee character

7) Alesmith - Hawaiian Speedway Stout - 12% ABV - imperial stout with coconut, vanilla, & Ka'u coffee

8) Perennial - Abraxas 2017 - 10% ABV - imperial stout brewed with ancho chiles, cacao nibs, vanilla beans & cinnamon sticks

9) Epic Brewing - Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist - 11.4% - blend of coconut & Blue Copper’s Colombian coffee beans aged in fresh whiskey barrels with imperial stout aged in both rum & whiskey barrels

10) North Coast - Old Stock Cellar Reserve 2015 - 14.5% ABV - bourbon barrel aged old ale

MEGA BONUS 1) Modern Times - Monster's Park Super Cuvee - 14% ABV - an insane blend of Tequila Monster's Park, Bourbon BA Monster's Park, Bourbon BA Devil's Teeth, & Rye Whiskey BA Haunted Stars conditioned on Bourbon BA cacao nibs

MEGA BONUS 2) Oskar Blues - 2017 Rum Barrel Aged Death by Coconut - 11% ABV - super limited release (only 5 kegs in the Bay Area) of the awesome Death by Coconut aged for 9 months in rum barrels

BONUS 2) BFM (Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes) - Abbaye De Saint Bon-Chien Special 20th Anniversary Edition - 11% ABV - sour biere de garde aged in Bordeaux Grand Cru wine barrels (we'll tap however much is left after our Sour Sh!tstorm event the previous weekend)

So sayeth the Urban Dictionary: "a White Whale is something you obsess over to the point that it nearly or completely destroys you." These white whales are within your reach on Friday the 16th of SF Beer Week. See you there! 

P.S. awesome sloppy seconds from our previous sour and other events will be pouring on the other 10 taps, yum!

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Marin & Monkey Paw Bernal Pub Crawl

If you didn't know, Bernal is a great 'hood for beer! A few Bernal bars are teaming up for an SF Beer Week Bernal Pub Crawl featuring Marin Brewing and Monkey Paw out of San Diego. Come have a special beer from each of these breweries at Old Devil Moon, Holy Water, St Mary's Pub, and Rock Bar. 

Joining us on the crawl will be: 
Arne Johnson - head brewer of Marin Brewing
Scot Blair - owner of Monkey Paw & Hamilton's in San Diego

* Marin - TBD
* Marin - TBD
* Monkey Paw - Pineapple Xpress - 5.2% ABV - hazy Northeastern-style IPA
* Monkey Paw - Mighty Joe Young - 5.9% ABV - roasty American Stout

We'll list all the special Marin & Monkey Paw beers we'll be pouring this evening when we lock them in.

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VDay Pop up & Big Chicken TIPA Release

* We're one of a the Bay Area bars releasing HenHouse's Big Chicken IIIPA this evening. Big Chicken is a 10% ABV, once-a-year-release, Triple IPA from one of Sonoma's top producers! It's not to be missed.

* We've got "Just Jacquie" popping up in the kitchen with some excellent Valentine's Day specialities that'll pair beautifully with all the special beer we'll have on draft from all our previous SFBW events! Check out the menu:

~~ Arugula salad with pomegranates, candied almonds, honey vinaigrette spheres and sheep cheese $13

~~ Sweet potato gnocchetti with basil pesto and olive oil powder $14

~~ Tempura fried asparagus spears with pine nut romanesco, slow egg and truffle foam $15

~~ Cardamom crusted lamb with cilantro mousse and persimmon chutney on caraway pita chips $17

~~ Albacore tuna sashimi with blood orange gelée, avocado, ginger foam and honey powder $18

~~ Gluten-free chocolate blackout cake with almond nougatine, vanilla pearls and coconut sorbet $12

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Fat Tuesday at ODM!

Mardi Gras is during SF Beer Week this year and we'd love for you to come celebrate with us at Old Devil Moon! All year 'round at ODM we do great NOLA-influenced fare and a cocktail program with a Louisiana bent, but we're taking it to the next level for Fat Tuesday: 

~ Got a VERY special & limited keg for Fat Tuesday:
Modern Times - Haunted Stars w/ NOLA Coffee - 8% ABV - rye imperial porter with New Orleans-style coffee that provides notes of coffee, chicory, and vanilla

~ Music - we'll be streaming the Mardi Gras celebrations on WWOZ (NOLAs best radio station, go stream it right now) and jamming out to great NOLA jazz and marching bands all night

~ Special Mardi Gras keg - we're working on choosing a special keg to celebrate with. We know, we know, Abita, it's being considered ;)

~ Food Special - we're leaning towards doing a special *jambalaya*, final details will be announced here when the decision is made! Our kitchen is always open from 6-10PM on weeknights.

~ Zapp's Chips - we'll have a variety of NOLA's favorite potato chip available including Voodoo, Cajun Crawtator, and Sweet Creole Onion

~ King Cakes - we're getting a bunch of traditional King Cakes made by a local bakery to share with the crowd

~ It's SF Beer Week - ODM's everyday draft list is one of the best in SF, but during SFBW it's off the chart. The sloppy seconds from our Sour Saturday Sh!tstorm and our Won't You Be My Neighbor event on Monday will be pouring. 

If you can't be in NOLA for the Mardi Gras, laissez les bon temps rouler at ODM!

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Black Magic Sour Sunday Beer Brunch

Sunday brunch is awesome. Sour beer is awesome. Mash up!

It's simple, on the first day of SF Beer Week, Saturday the 10th, we're doing our epic Sour Saturday Sh!tstorm event and as much sour beer as will be consumed that day (a sh!tload), there will be PLENTY left for Black Magic Sour Sunday Beer Brunch. Sure, some of the heaviest hitters will blow on Saturday, like the Sante Adairius & Rare Barrel stuff, but we figure there will be around 12-14 partially full kegs left. 

Not only that, but we're holding back a few VERY special kegs just for our Black Magic Sour Sunday Beer Brunch! We were going to make it a surprise, but what the hell, you need to know about these:

1) Boon - Boon Oude Lambik - 6.5% - unblended lambic, while it can be found in Belgium it is super rare to experience this in the US

2) Boon - Oude Kriek - 6.5% - wild cherry lambic

3) Hanssens - Oudbeitje - 6% - strawberry lambic, made in small batches and only a few kegs made it to the west coast of the US

4) BFM - Abbaye De Saint Bon-Chien Special 20th Anniv Edition - 11% ABV - one time release, sour biere de garde aged in Bordeaux Grand Cru wine barrels

5) Schneider - 2014 Cuvee Barrique - 9.5% - vintage sour, blend of wine barrel aged Aventinus & Aventinus Eisbock

6) Brouwerij Bockor N.V. - Cuvée Des Jacobins Prestige - 7.1% - one time release, a blend of 24 month-old foedrebier, spontaneously fermented & blended from foedres IX, XI, and XIV

7) Alvinne - Kriek van Mortagne - 9.5% - a blend of 60% Kerasus 2014 & 40% Cuvee de Mortagne aged in St Emilion wine barrels

The deets:

~~ ODM's Black Magic Sour Beer Brunch goes from 11AM to 3PM (the regular dinner menu is in effect from 6-10PM). 

~~ ODM is open on Sundays until midnight, so if you can't make beeruch, come in later!

~~ We'll be pouring all the killer sours left over from the Sour Saturday Sh!tstorm event. We figure there will be about 14 partially full kegs, some more full than others. Help us kick those sours! 

~~ In addition, we're tapping a VERY special surprise keg on Sunday. Seriously, it isn't like, just another humdrum sour. 

~~ We have full liquor, so if a Bloody Mary or Maria is more your speed (or your non-beer-geek-partner's speed!), we've got you all covered. 

~~ Black Magic Brunch goodies include Huevos Rancheros; Loco Moco; Shrimp & Griddled Grits; a Breakfast Sammy; French Toast Dippers; Fried Chicken Sliders; and Cheddar Biscuits & Gravy. Many of these are available vegetarian. 

~~ ODM has a ridiculous line up of SF Beer Week events, one every day, including Whales of the Deep, Fat Tuesday, and HazeFest II. Check them all out here:

See you there!

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to Feb 11

Sour Saturday Sh!tstorm 2018

Start SF Beer Week 2018 right with hella sours! in 2017 we lined up kegs from a veritable sh!tstorm of incredible breweries including Sante Adairius, The Rare Barrel, De Garde, Grimm, Toolbox, Panil, Modern Times, Propolis, Mad Fritz, Phantom Carriage, Almanac, Libertine, Lost Abbey, The Bruery, and more! We're doing the same and even raising the game for 2018. Here's the list of kegs we've lined up so far:

1) The Rare Barrel - TBD

2) Propolis - Pi - 7.5% - Syrah barrel aged golden ale with strawberries & rhubarb

3) Phantom Carriage - Super Dry Hopped Broadacres - 4.2% ABV - PC's house berliner weisse dry hopped with a ton of Simcoe

4) Sante Adairius Rustic Ales - Saison Bernice - 6.5% - sour farmhouse ale

5) Almanac - Hibiscus Ginger Lime - 6.9% - oak aged sour farmhouse beer w/ hibiscus, ginger, & lime

6) The Collective Brewing Project - American Sour Red - 6.5% - amber sour from a fairly new brewery doing sours out of TX

7) Firestone Walker - Sour Opal - 5% - oak aged golden sour

8) Upland - Kiwi - 6% - oak aged sour with kiwis

9) Cascade - Sang Royal - 10.1% - blend of sour amber ales oak aged with Cab Sauv grapes & aged in Port & Pinot Noir barrels

10) Cascade - Vlad the Imp Aler - 10.6% - sour wood aged pale Quadruppel

11) Avery - Amicitia - 8.2% - sour ale aged in Cab Sauv barrels

12) Mission Trail Caribbean Cold Front - 6.7% - white plum Jerkum with guava, soursop, & cranberries

13) Epic Brewing - Common Interests - 7.4% - mixed-fermentation ale w/ Oregon red wheat, matured in first-use oak foedres, & re-fermented with Colorado honeydew melons

14) Grimm Artisanal - Galaxy Pop! - Berliner Weiss - 4.8% - Dry hopped Berliner Weisse style ale brewed with galaxy hops vanilla and milk sugar.

15) Mad Fritz - The Lion & Other Beasts - 5% - oak aged Belgian grisette fermented with Brett Brux

16) Modern Times - Lightning Helix - 6.2% - lemon saison aged in red wine barrels

17) BarrelHouse Brewing - Cherry Flanders - 7.4% - flanders red with cherries

18) Allagash - Allagash Avancé - 9.7% - Allagash Four, brewed with a variety of sugars and yeast and bacteria strains, aged in bourbon barrels with strawberries

19) Bruery Terreux - Sour In the Rye POG - 7.3% - special edition of this classic oak aged sour rye ale with added passionfruit, orange and guava

20) a sessionable light beer to cleanse the palate

BONUS) 100 cans of Kukmin hazy IPA from The Booth Brewing!

* ODM is opening at 11AM for this special event. The sours keep pouring until 2AM. 

* We'll be serving brunch until 3PM. Our regular dinner menu will be in effect from 6PM to midnight. 

* We always do 4 oz, 10 oz, & pint pours of everything (unless it's really strong or ridiculously expensive/rare, then no pints). 

* This is a BYO antacids event. 

* The following day is our Black Magic Sour Sunday Beer Brunch and we'll be tapping another 7 sours to go with whatever is left from the Sh!tstorm, so if you can't make it to the Sh!tstorm you may miss out on some of the heaviest hitters, but we've got you covered the next day, too! Details here:

* ODM has a ridiculous line up of SF Beer Week events, one every day, including Whales of the Deep, Fat Tuesday, and HazeFest II. Check them all out here:

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F*ck Beer / Spiritous Sunday

Aren't you sick of beer yet? We're definitely ready for a cocktail...maybe even a fancy beer cocktail or paired boilermaker. It's SPIRITOUS SUNDAY at ODM, y'all!

We're comfortable saying that ODM is one of the best, if not the very best, beer bar in SF that also has the hard stuff. So why not come in for some whisky, rum, or whatever tickles your fancy? We'll be whipping up special beer cocktails (and not just the b.s. kind where Pilsner replaces soda water), our regular fancy cocktails, and we'll be giving folks a sneak peak of our paired boilermaker menu that we will be releasing in the near future. 

On top of all that, loads of insanely great beer left from half a dozen events all week will still be on draft (the sloppy seconds continue!). So whether you are or are not sick of beer yet, we've got you very much covered.

sMain Devil Square.jpg
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to Feb 19

Sloppy Seconds + Freewheel Brewing night

Update: the Eye of the Avocado pop up will be serving brunchy egg sandos at ODM from 12-3! 

It's ODM's Sloppy Seconds Sour Saturday Sh1tstorm! 

Seriously though, come get you some of the insanely great sours and other barrel aged goodies left over from a looooong week of amazing beer at ODM. We'll be swapping out 8-16 kegs per night every day of SF Beer Week. There will be LOTS of killer stuff left near the end. We're creating an institution around what many beer geeks already know about SF Beer Week events: go the day after a big event, when the crowds are gone, and you'll usually find a lot of the great beer is still available on draft! Sloppy seconds! 

To boot, Freewheel Brewing will be on hand with two cask ales and a third on draft. The Freewheel team will be there to meet and greet their drinking public. ODM and our regulars LOVE Freewheel and tear through their casks of wonderful English ales at a prodigious rate. Come and share the love with us and have yourself an Imperial Pint of something sessionable. 

Avoid the huge crowds elsewhere and appreciate all that good stuff you missed at ODM all week long! Plus Freewheel! What else do you need to know?

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to Feb 18

Fantastic Beasts: Almanac Beer Co & Fernet Francisco

Almanac Beer Co & Fernet Francisco are two truly Fantastic Beasts...and you can find them at ODM!

We will be pouring the full Almanac line up of sours and barrel aged beasts, plus a few special picks from Almanac's archives. Here's what we've got lined up so far:
- Fernet Francisco Barrel Aged Sour (Name TBD)
- Valley of the Hearts Delight
- Blueberry Jack
- Don't Call it Frisco DIPA
- Sunshine & Opportunity
- Grand Cru Red
- Grand Cru White
- Farmer's Reserve Strawberry

We'll have bottles of the Almanac barrel aged Fernet Francisco, Malbec barrel aged FF, and regular FF on draft (as always!). We'll have Almanac + Fernet Francisco boilermakers and special Fernet Francisco cocktails such as the Frankie Old Fashioned, Hanky Panky, and Mission Mule. We're even doing a special FF Oyster Rockefeller Po Boy, so come hungry. 

The producers from both Almanac and Fernet Francisco will be on hand to meet the public. 

Admission will be $20 at the door (or bar) for 5 tickets. 1 ticket gets you a 4oz pour of any Almanac beer. 2 tickets gets you a shot of Fernet Francisco. You can pay with cash or card at the bar.

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5:00 PM17:00

East Bay Triple Threat: Rare Barrel, Fieldwork, & Temescal

Get a taste of the East Bay! We're featuring kegs from our favorite breweries over yonder. We'll have a bunch of draft selections from: 

* The Rare Barrel (Berkeley, CA)
* Temescal Brewing (Oakland, CA)
* Fieldwork Brewing (Berkeley, CA)
* Plus more, including Drake's Black Label triple IPA!

The good folks from Temescal Brewing will be on hand to meet and greet. 

Also, Sneaky's BBQ will be dishing up the smokey meaty goodness, so come hungry!

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VDay Chocolate & Beer Pairing with Wicked Pete Slosberg & Chris Cohen

All profits from this event will go to the Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research ( Tickets available here.

Bring your sweetheart to Old Devil Moon for a truly special Valentine's Day dinner where you get to skip straight to dessert! Wicked Pete Slosberg & Chris Cohen have prepared a fabulous beer and chocolate pairing event for you at ODM. They'll introduce and discuss each of 8 wonderful and nuanced pairings. Pete is making several chocolates for the event and we're excited to be working with Berkeley's TCHO chocolate for the others.

Pete Slosberg is a legend in craft beer and artisanal chocolate. He founded Pete’s Brewing Company, producer of the famed "Pete's Wicked Ale" that was one of the 80's and 90's biggest names in craft beer. He followed that up with "Cocoa Pete's Chocolate Adventures." Pete's efforts over several decades have been instrumental in educating people about great beer and chocolate. Needless to say, Pete is an expert in both, including pairing them.

Chris Cohen is a partner at Old Devil Moon, one of 27 Advanced Cicerones, a National BJCP judge, co-founder of the SF Homebrewers Guild, and the author of the Beer Scholar Study Guides for the Cicerone Exams. He can't wait to host you at ODM during SF Beer Week 2017!

This is ODM's only ticketed Beer Week event, we will open for business to the public at the end of the event. Attendees are invited to remain on hand after the tasting for more great beer, cocktails, and NOLA-inspired bites.

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SoCal Brewery Night!

At ODM we're huge fans of what's going on with the SoCal brewing scene right now and you see that reflected in our draft list every day. So while this may be SF Beer Week, we think SoCal deserves a night all to themselves. Here's what we'll be putting on draft this evening: 

Phantom Carriage - Cell 14-D
Phantom Carriage - Centennial Muis
Lost Abbey - Cuvee de Tomme
Bruery - Humulus Terreux
Modern Times - Fruitlands
Modern Times - Golden Pineapple IPA
Eagle Rock - Tarte Noir
Eagle Rock - La Suerte
Stone - Old Guardian 2013
Toolbox - Cucumberliner
Green Flash - Sepia Frumento

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to Feb 12


Update: the Eye of the Avocado pop up will be serving brunchy egg sandos at ODM from 12-3! 

Start SF Beer Week off right with hella sours! We have kegs lined up from a veritable sh!tstorm of incredible breweries, with more to be announced! 

* Sante Adairius (Capitola, CA)
* The Rare Barrel (Berkeley, CA)
* Mad Fritz (Napa, CA in their debut at an SF bar!)
* Grimm Artisanal (Brooklyn, NY)
* Toolbox (San Diego, CA)
* Panil (Italy)
* Paradox (CO)
* Flat Tail (OR)
* Propolis (OR)
* Phantom Carriage (LA, CA)
* Almanac (SF, CA)
* The Lost Abbey (San Marcos, CA) (Cuvée de Tomme!)
* Libertine (SLO, CA)
* We'll be doing bottle pours of some vintage sours in addition to the many draft options
* More to come!

ODM is opening early for this special event. We'll be open from noon to 2AM.

We'll be selling 5 tickets for 4oz pours for $20 at the door (or at the bar for those without cash). Further pours will be available for $4 each at the bar for those who want to sample more. 10 oz pours will also be available for all beers, plus pints of non-sour palate cleansers. 

FYI this is a BYO antacids event ;) 

Old Devil Moon accepts cash or cards. Don't forget to tip your bartender!

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